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Cara terbaik nak aja orang : This Is China

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A coal mine owner in Shanxi , PRC brought along RMB 100,000 cash to spend in a local hotel. It turned out the bill was RMB 200,000. The coal mine owner asked the hotel to let him pay by credit card. The hotel refused and insisted cash payment only followed by a heated argument between the hotel and the coal mine owner!
In order to save face, the mine owner made a phone call, after a while two cars carried 200,000 pieces of RMB 1 note in sack arrived in front of the hotel to pay for the RMB 200,000 bill he spent.
See photos below, a real case for How to Manage Customer Service.
It only happens in China ! Why? This is China .......


一位山西煤老板带10金在酒店消费,结账时被告知20万,煤老板求刷卡,被酒店告知只收现金,与酒店发生了争执一个电话打过之后,不一会,两辆车的后备箱装满了面值1人民币开到了酒店门口饭店的保安和手下把钱搬进酒店客房倒在地上(好大一堆)hotel security brought the 200,000 x RMB1 into the hotel and pour them on the floor

The coal mine owner
waiting for bill 酒店召集所有服务员数The hotel get all the manpower to count the RMB 1 note.老子吃的起,你们数的起吗?The coal mine owner waiting patiently....!怕你们数不完耽误我家:

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